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Anonymous asked:

Hey! i love your fics! can you do a bickering percabeth? or just anything percabeth... haha thanks! :)


"You always do this!"

"Do what?”

"You say you’ll do it, and you never, ever, do!  Percy, what is wrong with you?”

"Annabeth, what is your problem?  I will do it.”

She got right up in his face.  Their noses practically touched, and she shouted, “Perseus Jackson, do it now!”

He didn’t back down.  ”Annabeth!  Calm down!  We have guests, for crying out loud!”

Jason and Piper blinked, exchanging nervous glances.  Jason cleared his throat uncomfortably, drumming his fingers on the kitchen table.  ”So you guys are…”

”..fighting over the dishes.” Piper observed.

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